Feb 14

Fly Tying: Great Lakes Steelhead Interceptor

When I started doing fly tying tutorials about a year ago I thought that the best way to go about it was to take pictures every step of the way. That way I could post step by step tutorials with pictures to show whats going on. Eventually I found that to be a ton of work, and not much fun! So I bought a GoPro, and I’m going to start making videos of fly tying tutorials.

This fly is the tube fly I fish the most, I probably have the most swing time with this pattern then any other pattern in my box. It’s fairly simple to tie and very effective. I credit most of my hooked fish of 2012/2013/2014 to this pattern. This fly combines two styles of swinging flies, dubbing head leeches like the bad hair day/Feenstra style flies with cone head type Scandinavian style flies.

The TroutBead head causes turbulence behind it making the soft materials which make up the fly to pulse. This makes a deadly presentation in clear water and also helps the fish find the fly through their lateral line sense.

Feel free to experiment with colours and materials, I’ve also had great success with a full olive version as well as swapping out the black tail with pink or blue for some added colour.

Grocery List:
Veevus 6/0 Thread
Heritage Angling Products Tube (1.8mm mated with 3.0mm)
FutureFly American Opossum (Black)
Hareline Cross Cut Rabbit Strip (Black)
Flashabou Mirage (Copper/Opal)
Flashabou Holographic (Black)
Marabou feather
10mm Trout Bead

Required materials can be found at www.flymart.ca.